Are you looking for an engaging and thought provoking leadership speaker in London?

David Knowles-Leak talks about decision-making and its impact on leadership. Effective decision making is the foundation of successful leadership. A few simple changes can make all the difference. David Knowles-Leak is a specialist in leadership and decision making and he brings this subject alive during his talks.

Speaking topics include:

Decision-making talks are popular as they are relevant to everyone in the organisation, on both a professional and personal level. David peppers his presentations with relevant stories and illustrations. His calm, confident manner puts the audience at ease during his talks, workshops and presentations as a leadership speaker in London.

David can deliver talks and presentations at conferences, workshops, seminars, management meetings, board meetings and company events in London.

The talks can be brief, i.e. 20 minutes or they can be longer. He carefully tailors each presentation to the requirements of the client and their audience. You are welcome to contact him for an initial conversation.

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