Decisions are risky; you won’t get them all right. In some situations, the warning lights need to go on. Steering through risky choices involves uncertainty, and that doesn’t come with the comfort of a reliable probability indicator.

Leadership begins when values are set, explained and understood. Leadership is established when people decide and act in line with those values on a consistent basis.

Establishing the framework in which decisions are made and actions are taken is the essence of leadership. Effective organisations work their values out from top to bottom. They also create processes and systems which ensure professionalism and the continual search for better practice. Most organisations have processes in which decisions are signed off and monitored. Only a few inculcate a practical decision-making process into their systems. Individuals and organisations benefit from having a practical decision-making tool that develops as they do.

Decision-making talks are always popular as they are relevant to everyone in the organisation, on both a professional and personal level. David Knowles-Leak peppers his presentations with relevant stories and illustrations. His calm, confident manner puts the audience at ease during his talks, workshops and presentations.

David can deliver talks and presentations at conferences, workshops, seminars, management meetings, board meetings and product launches. He is also an after-dinner speaker. The talks can be brief, i.e. 20 minutes or they can be of any length to suit your requirements. He carefully tailors each presentation to the needs of the client and their audience. You are welcome to contact him for an initial conversation.

Here are some more decision making talks.

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