To some extent, we are all born to worry.

After all, there is a lot to worry about, isn’t there?

The media is quick to tell us about bad news and the word ‘fear’ appears in many headlines. doesn’t it?

Your loved ones want to protect you from failure.

When it comes to making bold decisions, it is safer for them to advise you against making a decision that could turn out badly.

Some of your friends may divert you from making big decisions.

The human imagination knows no bounds when it comes to thinking about failure and the subsequent consequences.

If you are avoiding making big decisions, try making smaller decisions and think about the outcomes of these decisions.

Successful people are used to making personal and professional decisions on a continual basis.

They know that they can’t be 100% right.

They also know that if they stop making decisions, their successful life will fade away into a lesser reality.

Reflect on the way that you make decisions and think about what you are afraid of. Is it, for example, the opinion of others?

What would happen if the decision is successful?

Divide a big decision into smaller ones and make the first decision. It may involve some research or fact finding, for example.

Be bold. Move forward. Make that decision.

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