Here are 10 tips for improving your decision making capabilities:

1. Recognise that decision making is a skill that you can improve.

2. Ask someone that you trust to give you some feedback on your decision making skills.

3. The more frequently that you make decisions, the better you will become.

4. Some decisions need to be made quickly (getting out of the way of a vehicle that is driving at you). Start with small decisions and make up your mind quickly.

5. Other decisions require deliberation and time for reflection. Don’t ignore the big decisions and give yourself a deadline.

6. Talk to people you know who are good at making decisions: how do they do this?

7. Cut down the number of choices that you have.

8. Investigate decision making techniques; there are many to choose from.

9. Read books on successful people who have made their own decisions in life.

10. Read some books on decision making systems and techniques.

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