Are you looking for decision making training? David Knowles-Leak is a decision-making trainer. He helps people within companies, charities, universities and schools to enhance their decision-making skills. The training can be delivered at your offices for groups of any size.

During his decision-making training sessions, David shares decision-making psychology advice and ideas based on his research and work with managers, directors, CEOs and senior teaching staff.

He can help you to produce better quality decisions. He is a thoughtful and engaging trainer who shares real-world stories based on his experience in industry, commerce and education.

A day or half-day decision-making training workshop can have a long term impact on your organisation. Improved decision making affects strategy, management, finance, people management and marketing.

David has spent the last 20 years working in the field of leadership development.

Previously, he was a Senior Director at sales and general management level in major UK, USA and European corporates. He raised venture capital and led a buyout of UK group of companies in the teeth of a deep recession, and he also established a trading company which opened up hitherto unexploited supply lines from China and Russia.

David has a degree in Theoretical Mechanics from Nottingham University where he was President of the Union and began a lifelong involvement in the politics of education. He is currently a Governor of the Windsor Forrest College Group.

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