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Getting small decisions right is important, getting the big ones right is essential. Good business and good comedy have something in common: timing.

“In sport we practise, in business we prepare,” says David Knowles-Leak. “In the first company that I worked for the mantra was: ‘We can manage anything but surprises.’ Anticipation and preparedness was a big ingredient of their success. Digging out your truly critical success factors and guarding them is a good start on the road to being prepared for anything. Being aware of the changing circumstances outside as well as inside your organisation matters. Drivers look in the rear mirror as well as at the road ahead.

“Objectivity matters. Don’t be selective about the relevant facts, changing the facts to fit the answer that you want doesn’t work.”

Decision-making talks are popular as they are relevant to everyone in the organisation, on both a professional and personal level. David peppers his presentations with relevant stories and illustrations. His calm, confident manner puts the audience at ease during his talks, workshops and presentations.

David can deliver talks and presentations at conferences, workshops, seminars, management meetings, board meetings and product launches. He is also an after-dinner speaker. The talks can be brief, i.e. 20 minutes or they can be longer. He carefully tailors each presentation to the requirements of the client and their audience. You are welcome to contact him for an initial conversation.

Here are some more decision making talks.

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